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Power suppliers..

Just changed our suppliers! Cheaper gas, and after 3 months we can get the damn electric pre-pay meter changed FOR FREE (OH's ex had it put in as she was crap at paying her bills, no-one would change it for us, we had to pay!! why the hell should I pay for something I didn't cause??)

Anyway, the costs go down when we change the electric too.....

With the wood stove in the lounge, I'm on a mission to keep driving costs down....we have managed with the water being heated for an hour a day for a year, sometimes I have to stick it on for 20 mins or so, but I'm hoping to reap the rewards from that at some point!

Thank goodness for the wood stove, and the HUGE store of logs we have when we had to have 2 trees felled in the field.....! (had to move them all as sods were hopping over the fence to swipe it....b*stards.....)

I'm like a furious entity, swooping round the house after the family, turning things off at the wall from just standby!

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