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Potatoes and horse manure

I have a plentiful supply of plastic feed sacks - the ones that contain 25kg of pig feed and a never ending supply of manure.  If I make holes in the former and fill with the latter then put in a seed potato topping up with the manure as the shoot appears will I end up with potatoes or will I end up with one rotted potato and a mess?

All you want to know on growing potatoes here.

To quote:
In spring, dig well-rotted manure into the top 30cm of soil. Use around one barrow load to 10 square metres of ground.

That's the received wisdom I have grown up with. I've found that tatties grow better in the ground than they ever do in tubs or bags mind. That's experience of trying both.

Pure manure will burn the roots, possibly no will rot the seed potato, or even leave scab marks on the potatoes produced.
They don't look good.

If I had manure in that sort o amount, so long as it is well rotted (12mths old or more), well basically any reasonable soil would do.
By adding 25% manure and 75% soil or compost, mix it very well or manure to the bottom of the bags , say a couple of inch, this makes the roots search for food.
Soil or compost at least 2inch covering before the seed spuds go in.
Then cover with another 2-3 inch.
Plenty of drainage holes in the bags, for obvious reasons, as the halums appear keep topping the bags up with light soil or compost until full.
Always watering well throughout the whole process ?season of growing.

I've grown spuds in old plastic bags, bally big buckets ect, for donkeys years.
Even planted them late in the year just to have new potatoes on the table at Christmas...Usually stored/grown in the G/H....

Lets be honest how many times throughout the year do we all find potatoes chitting where they are stored ?
Its always best to buy in seed spuds, totally agree with that....but more than once I have cheated and used non seed potatoes and had great results.
A bag of spent soil can be easily be ridden of....properly...

Give it a go Debbie

lots of manure (mix  of horse, sheep, chicken, pig) not much soil - that the problem!

For the sake of buying in a couple of bags of compost, I'd certainly give it a go.
Its surprising how many spuds you can harvest this way and over a longer growing season.

OK  DD.  Will do - thank you - I do actually have last years compost bin ready to go so I will use some of that.  Have a mind for some of the fancy salad type potatoes which are so expensive to buy - I won't worry about main crop as I can buy those from the farm for 6 for 25kgs

If you want salad potatoes then Lady Cristl (early) Charlotte (2nd early) and Pink Fir Apple (later, as quite slow growing) are very good.

Good choice Carnach....only one I would add as a first early is International,
Those Jersey spuds sold under a different name..


interesting - I love pink fir apple - have grown them in the garden before so will do a couple of those and the international sound interesting and of course Charlotte is the ideal salad potato.

Thank you both - I'll let you know how I get on

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