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Potatoes and cream oven bake.

Take a half pint of double cream and add a crushed garlic clove and a good sprig of thyme. Bring it just up to the boil and remove swiftly from the heat. Leave it aside to infuse for at least half an hour.
Meanwhile wash and peel 2lbs of potatoes. Slice them up into 3 or 4mm thick slices.
Grate half a pound of rich red cheddar, and find the salt and pepper grinders.
Take a big ashet (deepish casserole dish) butter it, and layer up potatoes with a grating of black pepper and a tiny shake of salt with a little cheese, minding to keep some cheese for the top. I usually manage four layers. Strain the cream through a sieve, to remove the garlic and twiggy bits of thyme if you want, over the top of the potatoes and let it dribble down through the layers. Good grating of black (or pink, it's very good) pepper over the top. Cover in tinfoil and bake long and slowish (I do it at 160degC) in the oven until the potatoes are cooked through and the kitchen smells wonderful remove the foil and spread out the last of the cheese topping (you can add breadcrumbs or cornmeal for crispy if wanted) and roast that.

Remove and enjoy. It sets as it cools, and is very good the next day too.

Heavy food though, with the calorific value of something diet busting but rather good as a "put it in the oven and go and be busy doing something else for a while" type recipe. Especially good when it's been a long day and you come in tired and cold.

It's also adaptable, slice carrots in among the tatties, or celeriac, or neeps (big yellow turnip, sometimes called a swede) add onions or more garlic, if you like bacon, fry it and drain it and cut it up into little slices and add in among the potato layers, you can also add pine nuts or cashew nuts to it.
Blue cheese wasn't a success with it; I suspect that this is one of those old household recipes for using up hard cheese that's dried out and gone waxy.
If you don't have cream, you can dilute down a wee can of carnation milk to make the half pint, and it'll still work well.


pomme douphinoise is the proper name if people want to search.

real name is YUMMMMMMMMMY    

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