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Pot Roast..

Anyone have them? is it a case of just sticking it all in the pot or do you use a recipe for it?

I got some brisket and want to do one for dinner tomorrow and have found lots of different idea's, but thought I would ask here first.

I don't use a specific recipe but this is how I do mine.

Chunk up carrots, onions, swede and turnip into fairly chunky pieces all roughly the same size.  Into the slow cooker crock and top with the piece of meat (I don't bother browning it first), then pour the stock over the top and give a good grind of pepper.  I do the salt towards the end of the cooking.  Also put in a bouquet garni of thyme, rosemary and bay.  Pop the lid on and then cook for your time.  When ready, take the meat and keep warm for a few minutes.  Whilst this is happening, use a beurre manie or some cornflour in water to thicken up the gravy in the slow cooker.  When thickened, serve with your meat chunkily sliced, ladle full of the root veg, gravy from the pot and "something" green - I usually do spring greens/cabbage/kale.

Lovely warming and satisfying dish.

Mmm hungry now and I only just finished tea, thanks for that oh well thats tomorrow sorted then.

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