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Poorly car!!

My Peugeot 406 isnt feeling very well!! This morning it started O.K but ran really roughly. I limped to school with barely any acceleration at all and it sounded to me ( who knows LESS than zero about cars) as if it wasnt running on all cylinders and really lumpy. I then stayed to help at school for an hour and started it again and it ran much better on the way home. Could it just be a cold related problem?? I have checked its oil which was fine and covered it with a blankie to keep the chill off it. Its due to be replaced soon as its done 150k but I'd like it to last til after xmas. Any ideas??? Love Lizzie

Is it diesel or petrol?

If it's a diesel it may be that somewhere in the fuel line (probably the filter) there is a bit of waxing due to the cold.

If it's a petrol it'll be damp on the ignition leads.

My last 406 was a petrol - it did 198,000 miles before I got rid - so your's has a bit of life left yet

If your's is a diesel then it only just run in  

Its a petrol engine 2 litre. Is there anything I can do Milton about the ignition leads?? I have an appointment at the garage but the earliest they can see me is Saturday. Thanks for your reply - we have had the car for 6 years and this is the only time it has gone wrong. I forgot to mention the engine warning light has come on and stayed on. Love Lizzie

Lightly Spray the ignition leads with WD40, Castrol DWF, etc. These are moisture repellants and should do the trick.

lizzie44 wrote:
I forgot to mention the engine warning light has come on and stayed on. Love Lizzie

If the engine management light's come on it's just an indication that the sensors aren't getting enough information to correctly adjust the engine timing, fuel-delivery & overall management systems............I'd hazard that it's as Milton says. The extreme cold will lead to airborne moisture freezing, then condensing as the temperature increases, leading to dampness throughout the various parts of the system.

If you give all the electronic modules, connectors and leads a good spray with WD40 or the like, it'll drive out most of the reamining moisture. As you say the problem improves after a while I'd like to bet that this is almost certainly the cause. Easily sorted

Thanks guys!!!! I'll pick up some wd40 at the garage later. Love Lizzie

could it od been the thermostat ? i had a bit of trouble like those symptoms  and sorted it for a change of thermostat

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