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Pooping in the Garden

I thought that might gain your attention :-)

Have a look at the range of courses offered by this organisation. They offer a course in making an outside compost toilet ( hence the reference to crap in the thread title) along with some other interesting subjects.

The DIY woman course could be a hoot. shocked.gif

how many men would like to build their own woman I wonder :q28:
Barry Boozer

I nearly pooped in the garden last night on the way home, I thought I wasn't going to quite make it back home from the Butchers Arms. :q37:

Nice one Barry  ::

LOL Barry but tooooo much information there rolleyes.gif

Note to me:
Remember to lower trousers and underwear next time.


Just visited the site for "Eco Loo"... Mmmm for your 65 included is a "Light Breakfast (Coffee and toast)...Lunch around 1pm" no dinner included...

I would have thought they would have done a BIG pot of Curry or Chilli on day one so you could test your "creation" out properly on day 2  :smt046

shocked.gif  ::  ::

Apparently with this course you just sit around all day.    

Is "sit" a typo or is that what you meant? :pottytrain5:

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