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Pond project

Now that I've worked out how to upload pictures, thought I might put of some of the pond saga photos.
After a very wet summer it was early autumn (April I think) before the ground was firm enough to work without bogging the tractor. The site had been cut to level for some sheds so the clay wasn't far down and I decided to try to make a clay lined pond. The hole was dug using a little Kubota tractor and front end loader which meant I could really only dig a trench. Anyway I kept digging until the tractor baulked at backing out with a full bucket.

Before I had time to form the sides it rained. Being sited to collect a lot of runoff the pond filled in a few days.
When things started to dry out this summer I pumped it out and formed it up a bit.

Yesterday I filled it with murky but precious dam water. I will post some more pictures later but so far it is holding water.

thats a fantastic pond and the bit on the right of photograph looks just right for some bog plantsjust an observation might be an idea to put a shelve in to be able to put some more plants in  

Some shelves would be good. The sides ended up far too steep. To try to counter the problem I covered the lot with a layer of dry grass/hay under wire netting and pinned the lot with hundreds of long wire pins.

This is how it looks filled:

Hopefully this will also provide an anchor for some water plants. It's all very experimental but holding up so far. Still needs a fair bit of work

alot better to take your time  

It looks as though it is holding the water
I will enjoy seeing your progress with it.

That looks great mate, will you need to shade it to stop water getting too hot or a solar    fountain to cool water? Must get onto one

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