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Polytunnel planting in july

What is it worth planting at this time of year? We have a few chillies, tomatoes and strawberries in, but is it too late for runner beans etc? I'm assuming yes, but hoping no....

Also, cauliflower, they'll be alright now won't they?

get sowing !! im no expert but still time to get most things into the polytunnel  beans, beetroot, peas,carrots, turnip, spring onions , i would give most things a bash , whats the worst that can happen ? you will learn a lesson if it dont work , not bad for the a few pence for some seeds , if i could find them i would even stick a few spuds in .   all the best .  
British Red

In a poly tunnel you can stii sow lots of Winter veg. Swede, Turnip, kohlrabi, cabbage, chard etc. Plenty of time to get some spuds in to have fresh in December.

I'm putting a row of peas in just about every three weeks. They never make it in to the house, I grab a few every day when I'm watering the poly.

Think this might be useful - it's quite a reliable site for gardening info.

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