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ideas gratefully received for what to do with 4 pollock each weighing approximatey 4 1/2lbs  that I have just been given (caught last night in Lynmouth bay) in exchange for a leg of pork.

We are having a bit of a seafood overdose at the moment as we are being given a fair few crab and lobster - a friend is given them alive and kicking by a fisherman that she treats (she is a chyropractor) in part payment for her services but she won't cook and dress them so she gives them to me and I do them then we split them 50/50.  Last week she turned up with 4 lobster and 2 crab the week before it was 2 lobster an 4 crab......I really hope the fishermans not in too much pain but I also hope he needs Jeans services for a few more months yet - just precautionary to keep him fit you know

thinking about it I really must make a family size pork pie and get over to Hele bay as we have a friend over there who loves it.  He happens to have his own boat and dives for scallops and nets for his own prawns - he doesn't like seafood himself so we swap.  Its a good deal!

Pollack is a nice and easy fish to prep and cook and will accompany just about anything..................... but do not over cook it as it will shrink away to nothing.

I like Pollack baked in foil with a little butter, grated ginger, garlic and lime juice and served with flavoured Cous cous: a green Oxo cube and dried peppers. Sling them all in the bowl together and cook how you would normally do cous cous.

Pollack in a basic white sauce with just paprika is wonderful, and it is also very good with a plain mushroom or cheese sauce. A few weeks back I did grilled Pollack with a combined all into one Cheese, Onion and Bread sauce which worked well (but not with the steamed veg and should have been served with a robust salad).

Pollack dipped into seasoned flour and then fried and served with chips and peas can be a surprisingly good meal, and we often use diced small fillets of frozen Pollack as a base for a sea food and tomato Mediterranean type sauce with pasta.

I'm green with envy!

Pollack can be much improved by lightly salting and leaving for a few hours to firm up before cooking, or by cold smoking it.



MM, salting Pollack is something I will try next time we have some.............. I guess that a carefully flavoured salt rub could do wonders to the fillets.

Debbie, How did you choose to have your  Pollack in the end?

well, one fish (the largest) I cut off about a third of the tail end and froze as is for BBQ at some point then the rest I cut into steaks and froze in two's - I am thinking these would be good pan fried and served with some brown butter and shrimps.  The other two I filleted and cut into portions and froze again in two's for later use - I love fish wrapped in parma ham then cooked so the ham goes cripsy which I then serve on puy lentils that has loads of spinach and fresh basil wilted into it and dressed with olive oil and fresh lemon - the smoking idea gave mea plan too - I'll salt then hot smoke a couple of portions which I will then use to make smoked pollock quail scotch eggs as we have an abundance of quail eggs at the moment too.  and Gareth I also love the idea of a mornay sauce but on the day it arrived it was so fresh and beautiful that in the end I took the final fish and the smallest (about 2lbs in weight) and cooked it en papiot just with a slug of white wine, a knob of butter, some seasoning and a sprig of fresh dill.  We had it with some tiny new potatoes and some asparagus and I have to say it was just devine.

So, plenty of ideas to use up my pollock so thank you.

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