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I picked this up on FB. Unfortunately I don't know who wrote it but it absolutely sums up how I feel on the subject. If I knew the author, I'd gladly attribute it to them, I hope that he or she doesn't mind it appearing here.

Why do these barns stand empty,
On this old family farm,
And when did farming smaller holdings,
Actually do the country harm,
He was happy with his hundred ewes,
Few horses, hens and sows,
And never really saw the need,
To milk more than thirty cows,
Most of what they ate, he grew,
As DEFRA looks to blame,
He didnt need the plastic tags,
He knew his stock by name,
But he finds himself retiring,
Because his joints are stiff with age,
His sons moved to the city,
Where they pay a proper wage,
So hes in the hands of agents,
And their joy is plain to see,
Not a thought about his lifetimes work,
Just a big fat sellers fee,
They split the farm up into lots,
Such is their endeavour,
Without the sickening realisation,
Another farm is lost forever,
When the farmhouse sells at auction,
Should he really mind?
When its bought by the very people,
Who have robbed his pension blind?
Its sold with tiny paddocks,
Because theyd like to keep a horse,
But they love the look of foxes,
So theyll never hunt, of course,
They wont like crowing cockerels,
Or the smell of muck being spread,
The winter sound of gunfire,
Or the thought of game shot dead,
These barns have stood a century,
Will soon be filled with glass and steel,
Developers will leave some beams in,
So it has that country feel,
All the strangers move in slowly,
And all the country skills are lost,
Do we think just about the value?
But ignore the long term cost,
He sells the farm and wonders,
What all his works been for,
And how will these new folks manage,
If there comes another war,
When Sainsburys shelves are empty,
Theres no wheat or livestock reared,
They will look for farms and farmers,
To find that both have disappeared

Brilliant and so true
Yorkshire Geordie

Very moving; but so true too.

It's happened all of my life. The first farm I worked on was sold off 40 odd years ago and is covered in factories and houses, hard to even see where the barns were!

Sad and true

The farm next door to where my mum still lives today, has long since gone. Instead of the beautiful old farmhouse that once stood there, its been replaced by a vulgar near mansion type building, which has stood empty for many years. Serves it right !
The fields are still there but they're let out for summer grazing to the highest bidder and in the summertime, you no longer see hundreds of small hay bales in row after row.
The farm and all the farm buildings were demolished as soon as the property was purchased and the stack yard, where I once helped to make a corn stack using sheaves has also disappeared.
Yew Tree Farm once gave employment to four and sometimes five people. They had a dairy herd, grew vegetables, corn and kept chickens. It doesn't provide fulltime work for anyone today.
A lot of my childhood memories come from me being on or around that farm and whenever I visit my mum, it always upsets me to see it as it is today, especially when I think back to how it once was.
Rick & Carol

I've taken the liberty of taking this to use during storytelling at our wassail party next week.

When we bought this bare 12acre block on edge of town everyone thought we would 'develop it' andwe have   bought 90 year old house on  built sheds bought cattle on and farm, saddly next door beyond us has just started to subdivide up into small sections. Local council wants us to do same    

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