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At long last the sun is shining and one of our plum trees has got a right good crop of ripe fruit on it. I need to get them picked before the birds help themselves to the lot.
I bought the trees from Chelford market over fifteen years ago as being Victoria plums but Victoria's they most certainly are not. The fruits are much smaller than they should be but they are delicious.

Ours including the Greengauges are still rock hard, though we have had 2 figs this morning

There's just the one tree that's got ripe fruit but the others are like yours. This particular has always been earlier than the others.

I'm not talking pounds of plums off one tree, I'm talking hundred weights !

I reckon we've picked at least a 100lbs with as much again still left on the tree.

We picked two of these.

We've got a cider weekend starting tomorrow and I'm thinking of sticking them on the bar and selling them to prospective jam makers.

Frost got the plum blossom locally up here so there's a lot of distraught gardeners.

I'm not jealous much ................................

I haven't a clue how much to charge for them. I thought fifty pence a pound but a friend said that I should ask just under a pound a pound.
I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon picking them and at one time, I had two blackbirds up in the tree with me which were eating plums nearly as quickly as I was picking.
I'll have two more tree loads ready to pick in about three weeks time.

Our wild plum has just starting to come out in flower and the winds have started too

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