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Plummer Terrier Yearbook

Perhaps later than hoped the first PTCGB yearbook is now available!

This 94 page 24 article colour printed yearbook has, as will be usual, concentrated upon working dog tales – home and abroad, earth, rabbit, ratting and hog hunting!!

On top of these, we have:
• An introduction to the breed
• Stories of old dogs to the breed
• History by way of Brian Plummer’s son
• Articles on breeding (advanced and for the beginner)
• An article from the very first chairwoman of the PTA
• Another on why not all working bred dogs suit pet homes (and an editorial – is agility such a bad avenue for Plummer ownership??)
• KC or not for the Plummer terrier
• A suggestion toward unifying the PT registers
• Feeding your Plummer the very best
• A legal opinion on working dogs

It will be a limited run and is costed at £10 posted - for those wanting a copy please contact for such – you will not be disappointed!

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