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plummer terrier forum

this is also very good plummer terrier site, for info on the dogs and any other info you may need on the plummer's..

this is plummer of great britian for

other sites of interest are:

Hello all, I'm a bit new.

I have accidently gained a Plummer Terrier. Oh boy is he wonderful, name of Patrick \[he was cocoa but that was daft] anyway, just got back from a week in Westmorland with him and wanted to know of any tips? He is 14 months old, very chummy but a bit unpredictable if he is tired.
Badger blaze on his nose, white chest and legs and a bit of a daftie.

just joined photobucket, lets give it a try...
He is deffo a plummer.

What a softie

don't believe it Kaz, he's a PROPER terrier, which is why I need to know more. Inquisitive, fearless... has never yet met a stranger [everyone is assumed to be a mate] and he is under the impression he rules the world.

Met a plummer and his owner by the river today, nice guy, super dog, really envious!

Poshscouse...we have a plummer also, got it from Crosby at about 12 weeks old.  He is exactly the same..craves attention from strangers and other dogs whether they are spitting teeth to get at him or not wanting any attention, he wants to go and dominate them!!!  apparently that is a terrier trait.
he's not changed in that respect and he is just over 5 months old.
make sure you teach him to come back, cos that is a sure way to lose your terrier...once they get onto a scent they will follow it regardless otherwise.

another good site is

you can get the forum from there....loads of good people on all those sites who will help out and enjoy any posts from you working with your plummer or just out and about.

Ah, teaching him to come back... major project there....

He comes back when HE wants to.

When we are 1-1 it is no problem, when he decides he is off on a whim all training is forgotten and the only sure way is to walk away in the opposite direction.

All of a sudden I am doing something more interesting and he re-appears.

hi,  Bilbo has been great up till now but he has only just connoted on to chasing things...i am fairly confident, as he still returns when told but you can just see in his eyes that question 'do i really have to, when he calls?'...will see how things progress!!!


Well, Pads and I were 'out feeding the duckies' earlier when a mate jogged past... off went Pads, returned 5 mins later... [Salford quays] got a call 3 hours later from a different pal who said, 'having a pint down the quays and a mad Plummer dashed in, circled the bar twice, slurped a bit of my pint and legged it, approx 90 seconds all told... you have a Plummer, did you know there is another on the quays?'.


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