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Plant ID required

I'm not 100% sure what this is

The leaves are like giant Doc leaves, cheers

I know it as Inula - there are various kinds. Insects love it and it spreads nicely.

Thank you Sandrar, I'll look it up later.
We inherited it, did not want to destroy, its in one of the next areas of the garden to be developed.

Insects, I've noticed the flowers don't last long, thanks again

Inula is correct, from the Asteraceae family. It is a large genus of about 90 species!

More usually known here as elecampane….and it's edible. The leaves are edible, the Romans used them as a potherb. The roots are used by the Continental folks to make absinthe. They have a sweetness that mostly we can't digest (supposedly useful for diabetics though) and leave a lot of people full of wind (bit like those no sugar mints do if folks eat too many).

The characteristic that catches the eye when working out what yellow rayed flower this one actually is, is that the ends of all the rays are triple split but not square blunt ended like hawkbit.


Toddy wrote:
The roots are used by the Continental folks to make absinthe.

Hey ho, the things we grow in our gardens that we don't know the uses for!!

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