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Plans passed for a solar park.

I've just discovered this link.

I'm all for alternative power sources being developed but from the little bit of information contained in this link I do have some concerns. It looks as though the plans have been passed for the development to take place on a green field site. Whats wrong with placing solar farms on the rooves of factories and the hundreds of thousands of houses in the UK instead. Surley most of those will already be in reach of the National Grid and wont involve buiding on our already under pressure countryside.

You have a point there mate

As you say factory roofs, but why not the roofs on Supermarkets, retail parks, shopping Malls, office blocks, multi story car parks, warehouses, etc. and not forgetting landscaped former landfill tips (with methane extractor plants between the panels), and disused quarries, even the sides of Power Station cooling towers.

There must be hundreds of thousands of Hectares of suitable surfaces on buildings throughout the UK.

Its probably too much like common sense for them Gareth and not enough backhanded cash in their pockets.

Er site one is a race course (on the stands roof I guess) & site 2 is an old manor house grounds.

None are in green belt.

But yes on factories would be best.  Its up to private investors to do it.

The race course stands roof would seem to be a good idea.

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