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planning permision

can anyone tell me the size of a barn you can erect on a parcel of land that is 3 acres without getting planning.

The simple answer is that you can't but that planning permission for solely agricultural purposes is totally diferent than domestic planning permission.

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When I enquired about erecting a field shelter for my horses I was told that as horses are not classed as 'agricultural' animals I would need planning permission.
Apparently 'mobile' shelters don't need planning permission, but our local council take issue with those as well.
So I'm thinking of getting some very tall goats..........(I presume they're 'agricultural')

It's the 200 quid they pocket everytime you apply for planning permission that riles me - they get enough off me already!


Planning permission

We have just been told by our council that we have to apply for planning permission to put up  polytunnel. As our land is classed as agricultural and that includes horticulture, we are puzzled as to why pp is required.  There are already agricultural buildings on the land.   Also, when we asked for the forms we were told we needed to go to a planning advisor and get them to put in the application. Has anyone else had to do this ??

A 3 acre agricultural (forestry does no matter how small it is) plot does not have PD (permited developement) rights. I think you need 5 hectares for that. Even then you have to inform them of what you want to do & why & they can then serve notice that they dont want you to do it. Its then a legal battle.

There have been a few changes re poly tunnels recently. Some councils have been making people apply others have not. Some are now going back on that & allowing it. Its a lottery.


It is the size of the structure that makes a difference with polytunnels and commercial sized greenhouses/glasshouses.

A couple of you have picked up the real (and ever increasing) reasoning WHY you "have" to apply ..development control has become more than a nice little earner for local authorities (council's) hasn't it?

Go into your local council website, look up planning and development and you should get most answers there which are relevant to your own area.

When you ask general questions about planning permissions or even building regulations (BOTH now attract their own costs and in certain cases when you have gone through all the planning permission and had permission granted you have to apply for building regulations (at more costs) before you can start your job! .. however if you ask in general on forums or other Q & A places you may get different answers and end up more confused.

Either way it'll cost UNLESS your polytunnel is UNDER the size that requires pp or other building control.

The same rules also apply to erection of LOG Cabins that are sold cheap enough these days and can be a cheap extra room for people, but over a certain size you need permission (and to pay for that priviledge of course).

OR you could just put a tunnel up, take your chance on someone "reporting" you in a moment of self-importance .. plead ignorance when you get a visit from your planning officer and hope they allow you retrospective permission ..which happens a lot these days even if, in law, there is NO such thing as a retrospective planning permission application ... I think it is listed somewhere under pragmatic solution ..which seems to be the system most things run on rather than what is right and what is wrong!

Good luck with the tunnel and good growing. We are waiting for some calm weather to put new plastic on our tunnel. Hopefully tomorrow looks hopeful.

Have quickly found First Tunnels Q&A on requirements, maybe helpful to you, if you are not a rebel like we have become

Thanks for this.  We were considering being rebels and just putting one up but then let our consciences get the better of us.  Having now made the query to the planning department and been told that we need to make an application I guess they will be more miffed if we go and put one up now without it. It is very confusing as it seems that these things vary not just according to the council you are with but also the particular planning officer you get. This one told us we should have sorted it out before buying the land.  The thing is, we did say we wanted to use it for horticulture and were told at the time we could put anything on it as long as it was soley for agricultural use.  The lesson learned here is to get things in writing from planners and not just accept what is said on the phone. We live and learn !
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