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placeboards-Dog training

quite a common method and quite old i believe over in the US; the adoption of this method here is becoming quite a talking piece, some questioning it others raving about it. Essentially its for pups from 8wks to instill a few basics quickly and effectively. But, ive adopted it with my three anyway, 10mths- 3yrs. Ive only been at it 5 days but am quite pleased with it, i even took it indoors when it was too dark....

i generally do it on the driveway, box-to-box mixing in the odd retrieve at the end.

There is a Paul French video on youtube for those interested:

just type "placeboards" in search and dozens come up

Seen and heard about them, never used them myself.

A question BB do you train your dogs to sit in front of you, or sit to the side of you, weather that be left or right hand side when returning from a retrive with game?

i'm wanting the dog to come in front of me, i believe this is what they say the boards are most effective at achieving also sharpening up the delivery, neither of my older two lift their heads beautifully to present just hold it there for me to take.

ive seen labs do a lovely little circle round the handler to present on the left, with my spaniels im happy if they are straight in to me and sit and wait for me to take the retrieve.

I train all my dogs both labs and GWPS to circle around me, and sit at my left hand side facing the same way I am. I take the retrieved game with my right hand as I shoot from my left shoulder.

I do this as I don't like a dog sitting in front of me while I shoot, retriving to my side, means I don't have to give the dog another command to place it at my side.

I think it very much what floats your boat.

Someone who has a dog from me is doing place board training and is happy with the results so far.  Dog is two (just) and handler was a novice when he got the dog.  Doing well with his bitch but the dog needs more attention and place board is working so far.

yeah i can see where your coming from. in my case the dogs out quartering in front of me and has stopped to the flush and once the retrieve is completed cast off again, if i was picking up regularly or doing considerable peg shooting i would rethink, but 90% of my shooting is rough with the dogs working in front of me or other guns, either on our little walked up days or training days.

one or two of the lads i shoot with are keen trialers, so even on a little walked up day its all quite structured. bird down and the line stops while we decide whose dog will be sent, no shooting during a retrieve. obviously that goes out of the window for a runner and the nearest dog will be sent.

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