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Pilsbury ? DIY Cold Smoker ?

I bought this the other week for 17 quid with a view to trying to make a cold smoker.

My idea is to use a long length of flexible flu liner and run the smoke from the top of the incinerator into either an old upright freezer or even a brick outhouse where the food will be waiting to be cold smoked.
The only problem I forsee, is coming up with a method of closing some of the holes in the bin so that I'm  able to almost close the fire down.
I intend to make a fire in the bottom of the bin using BBQ charcoal and then when the fire is going well, to bank it up with soaked oak shavings.

What do you think ? Any ideas as to how to adapt the incinerator so that it can be closed down? I've thought of borrowing an idea from the charcoal course that I went on and to use sand to bank up around the outside of the bin inorder to regulate the flow of air through the holes, but there must be other options.

luckly the holes on that one are all low down, the base ones would be sorted by just putting it directly on the soil, the ones round the sides could be filled by green wood bungs as needed so long as the fire inside wasnt to big, and for cold smoking the smaller the better really, you just need it smokey.
the one I have knocked up will be more of a warm smoker really, so long at as the temp doesnt get over about 50 - 60c it should be ok as I just want to smoke a few flavours of munchies and jerky at the moment, if it works I might move on to a more technical one.

I'll get some pictures of the hot smoker that flatiron brought to me on his visit from the US

got 3 old upright freezers free to good home here if you want one bodge   there all big catering things  

how about a strip of tin around the bottom that will slide up and down to cover the holes , and yes i can anticipate the next question

When can you do it ?

bring it with you when you come for the fridge

I was hoping bthat you'd be dropping it off.

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