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Pike fishing

A couple of weeks ago the weather wasn't too bad,so i packed up a couple of tents,a case of beer and a couple of fishing rods. Me and my boys all headed out for an overnight fishing trip.

Here is where we ended up.

No pike were caught but my sons did manage a couple of perch.

The weather turned bad around 10pm and it didn't stop raining until 05:30!! I must admit,i was full of beer so i couldn't give a toss  

We will be heading out mid week to try again for that big pike.

Those kids of yours will never forget nights out with their dad like that.

What a perfect way to keep children occupied in the summer holidays

Its a cracking place for the kids and it keeps them busy  

Unfortunately the weather has been soo bad this week we haven't had a chance to get back out.

Hopefully we will get some dry weather soon  

looks a nice spot where is it ??

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