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Pike Fishing 12 to 13 feb

A couple of mate arrived up from Edinburgh yesterday for a pike trip to our usual place.

Beers,tents bog roll all packed, when we arrived we thought it was just surface ice on the water.

We looked a little closer it was a little more than surface ice!! The whole bdooly Loch was frozen,the ice was around 5 to 6 inches thick

The banking that were we fish isn't that deep, so me and my mate decided to break through the ice.

We smashed up around 30 foot of ice which was enough to get the rods into the water.

I got my rod into the water with mackerel as bait my mate set his with herring. My cousin who was totally convinced that we wouldn't catch nothing so he put his rod away and rolled a joint.

The rods were in the water for a couple of hours when the first bite alarm went. It wasn't my rod,my mate eventually landed a nice size pike.

That was the only take we had,the heavens opened up around 4 am it was bitterly cold. Woke up around 9 am decided to pack up and call it a day.

Next time I'll take an ice axe with me.  

Steve's top tip for today: Never try and clear the ice by jumping on it!! I did and had to phone the missus to come and drop off dry clothes. It's not a bad way of sobering up,but I wouldn't recommend it.

Thats a hell of a lot of commitment and perseverence that you've shown there TF You're a far harder man than I am. I'm glad your efforts brought a result.

That doesn't look like fishing weather    

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