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We brought these maiden gilts in from the fields this morning, they settled in straight away. They're a bit hairy at the moment  and that's because they've been battling the elements, its a wonder that they don't have webbed feet.
When we brought them into the yard, we noticed that one of them was in season and luckily enough, Mathew our boar had got nothing better to do with his time and he was only too happy to be of service. See if you can spot the young lady with the smile on her face.

Yorkshire Geordie

They all look smugly happy, Bodger.  
Are you sure Matthew hasn't been triple busy?  

He's resting Mart.

Middle got diddled

Gilt number two was sorted yesterday.

If all three are still here come April, then we could be in for a busy April and May. Ideally, I'd like to sell one or possibly two of them but the current market isn't particularly buoyant.

Well that's it then, the blue touch paper has been lit on all three gilts. The last one was served this morning. I've got the dates written down for all of them and now I've got to watch to make sure that none of them come back into season. For the uninitiated, pigs left unmolested have seasons every three weeks.

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