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Pigeon Parcels............

Woodpigeon Breasts (2 per person)
Black Pepper
Fresh Thyme
Redcurrant Jelly
Smoked Bacon

Remove the tiny fillet from the breasts, then slice a 'pocket' into each one, starting from the 'thick' side.

Mix together a tablespoon of Boursin with a teaspoon of redcurrant jelly (per pair of breasts) and mix well with some cracked black pepper & thyme.

Beat each bacon rasher very thin using the heel of your hand, then wrap each breast, starting at the narrow end of the rasher.

Roast at around 180C for 15 minutes (or 20 if you don't like them slightly pink in the centre)

I had these with steamed PS broccolli tonight & they were outstanding, even though I say so myself  

Yum! that sounds like a lovely meal    

Sounds lovely - wood pigeon is one of my favourite meats, will give this receipe ago  

Great aren't they.

I use stilton instead of boursin, sometimes do the same with duck or pheasant breast.

Only problem is two are not enough.

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