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Rick & Carol

Pig Troughs

Last year I had a gate hanging trough for the pigs that sat on the ground and was constantly moved up by the pigs to hang on the fence, at the end of the 'season' the turkeys inherited the trough which now hangs on their gate and works well for them. .

Most of the time they have their rations on the ground but I like to have a trough for wet days. So....Getting ready for this years pigs & wondering what to do for feeding araingements. A free standing trough or try hanging one from their gate. Will they 'worry the gate if I try that?


I've got some solid plastic pallets with blue barrels cut in half length ways and screwed to the pallets so they're secure and the pigs aren't standing belly deep in mud when they feed.

I might try something along the lines of that Rhino. Thanks for the idea

How many pigs do you have at once? When we fatten weaners we use the tough black plastic troughs. They have one each, as the most we tend to raise in one go is 4 so it is practicable.

We add rations to each one and once they've eaten it remove the feeders.They are tough and easy to clean.

Rick & Carol

hadn't thought of that Sandrar, we just have two and last year they were a bit competitive with the trough,
Fowgill Farm

We use the same trugs as Sandrar, they're virtually indestructible. Look out for them at shows when you can sometimes buy 3 for price of 2. Cost a bit but well worth it IMO.
For very young weaners we have some 5ft long solid black polytheney type troughs which are proving very good too.40 from local ag  merchant.

We've got a few of those tyre trugs lying about that have been destroyed by litters of weaners. You can't beat the good old galvanised trough but even they don't last forever.

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