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Pig Spit Roast

Not too long ago, Ireland went broke and everyone was encouraged to emigrate until things get better. Then as the last one on the ferry put the 'Closed until further notice' up, the government panicked a bit. 'Who is going to pay our wages'? So in desperation someone came up with an Idea of the 'Gathering'. It try's to encourage those who left to come back for social gatherings and spend lots of the money they earned while away. I was talking to a farmer friend who was thinking of doing a big BBQ for a large gathering of family and friends. Looking for inspiration I suggested a Spit roast Lamb to feed 40. After a bit of mulling and thought over a week or so, he had a thought. The conversation went, ' I'm going to kill one of our Pigs and spit roast that,,,, arnt you Diz'. After a  discussion about home kill pig and  feeding guests, he bought one. The Butcher who kills local pigs had a nice size one just right for the job.
It was salted, mounted and allowed to warm up overnight. A fire of Ash and Beech was lit and the cooking started.

The skin was stressed under a high heat to crackle up and the logs pushed back to the cooking place.

6 hours later it was carved and dished out

7 hours after the Pig was started, it was nearly all consumed. Then the gathering would pass by and pick at the carcass.



Great taste I bet, we did one couple ofyears ago but motorised spit killed it ourself as we are allowed to feed it to visitors     wasn't as big as that one looks   tops

That would have fed more than 40 people

I've heard about gatherings in Ireland - is it working?

That looks yummy!

The official guest list was 40, but with wanderers, passers by and 'Im looking for .........ooh is that a Pig on a spit?  The Gatherings are working for the familys. Lots of reminiscing etc. But they havnt spent a great deal of hard earned cash, so the Govt. is sulking.
Sod, being able to give guests home kill is far to sensible for here. I read somewhere that the regulations will not be changed due to the drop in revenue which could be expected. So to stay within an easy applied law, quote food hygiene. Sigh




My mate Dave Hawkeye made himself a spit roast a few years back. He used the motor off his electric cement mixer. It rotated the pig rather quickly but it worked fine.  That pork does look rather scrumptious.


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