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Pig off colour.

Pig off colour.
I've got seven GOS piglets born in July which have been eating and growing like mad. They are free range.
I fed them this morning and didn't notice anything amiss with them. They get fed again at around 1.00pm but this time, six of them came tearing up the field as usual but one of them was looking rather miserable and he wandered up very lethargically. He was one of the bigger boars, a real bruiser but he couldn't be bothered to eat and just picked at a few of the sow nuts that they're fed on.
I've just fed them again and this time he came up to where I feed them very slowly again, had a sniff, didn't eat and then went back down to the ark and got down in the straw. He was looking a little hunched up.
I'm thinking of bringing him into a pig sty tomorrow. I don't know what might be wrong with him and was wondering whether it would be better to bring him in with a companion rather than him being on his own, The other six are jumping out of their skins and wolfing everything down but then again, so was he yesterday.
Any ideas?
Yorkshire Geordie

I know sweet nothing about pigs or piglets so can't really help, other than offer you this link for information seeking.

A healthy pig loves to eat! That is the rule they live by.

Good luck.  

Well I'm up and about already. I didn't get much sleep last night, I couldn't stop thinking about the pig and what I might find this morning.
It would be nice if he was back to being 100% but I cant see that happening. I've got some oldish pen and strep antibiotic in the fridge, so he'll get a jab of that for starters, then I'll move him and one of the other piglets down to one of the pig sties.

Hope all news is good news

I'm afraid not. We bought him in this morning and gave him a thick bed of straw and jabbed him up with antibiotics. We gave him some mollassed water but unfortunately, the pig has developed a rasping rattle since he's come in, he's unsteady on his feet and I doubt that he'll be with us come the morning. I don't think that there's anything that I can or could have done for him.

Oh that is a shame. I hope the others stay well.

They look fine thank goodness. I'm not an expert, far from it but I think it might be pneumonia or something similar.

Again very little knowledge of pig illnesses but Pneumonia or at least a respiratory infection was my first thought, hardly surprising, with this weather, warm and wet.We are certainly in need of a good cold snap to kill off the bugs.


I'm pretty sure he'll be dead by the morning. He's gone downhill very quickly.

Hate it when stock die, especially not knowing why. hoping for the best

It's a sad fact of life that if you keep livestock you will end up with some deadstock. Hope he pulls through John.

The pig was dead this morning and the knackerman will be here this afternoon. He's a very healthy looking dead pig.
Rick & Carol

that's the trouble with livestock - deadstock.

I think that he may have died from having a twisted gut. We've got heaps of pork casserole on the go, if anyone fancies nipping around to our place.
We've waited in for the knacker man for most of the day and he's still not shown.

Have you opened him up to have a look for anything obvious John?

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