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Pig and Cockerels, plus a Dog or Two

Here are my 'makings for this week'....

So glad the weather has been awful here!  


Ohh! Are these on your website? Really fancy the pig and cockerel...

excellent, they should sell well...but its the enjoyment gained in the making of, thats the rewarding part in MHO...

Those are brilliant!

Bodger saw those on your website and wanted one but we have such low ceilings here that they wouldn't fit on the doorframes

They are great  

Thank you for your comments, folks.

Mo:  They will be on the website later today if you would like to purchase anything.  
Kaz:  I probably shouldn't encourage Bodger, but they also look good on top of skirting boards, mirrors and so on.
Digindeep:  I agree with you - I love making these, but there is only so much room in our house, which is why we decided to set up the website.


You're very naughty making these things, I want lots! I also have my eyes on a couple of things as gifts....

Very nice  

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