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Rick & Carol

pig advice please

One for Bodger & other porcine types.

The last couple of years when we have butchered the pigs their livers have not been in pristine shape. They have been wormed etc. before we bought them but I'm thinking maybe I should add Flubenol or similar to their feed, to be on the safe side.  

Recommendations greatly appreciated

When you say that they haven't been in pristine condition, have you seen it with your own eyes, or are you being fobbed off by the butchers?

There shouldn't be any need for routine worming. I worm the piglets at weaning and make sure that the sow has been wormed before gives birth to the piglets. I'd only worm fatteners after that if they show signs of needing to wormed.
Rick & Carol

We had them butchered here, in front of my very eyes. The pigs were in very good nick but the livers were very slightly milky.

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