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Pig accomodation?

A local farmer gave me a good idea for free range pig accommodation yesterday. Instead of expensive pig arks, he buys second hand skips for 150.00,  and then cuts a door in on one side  before turning them over bottoms up. Its such a simple idea, has anyone else done or considered this?

That seems a good idea ,         i once turned an old touring caravan into a hen house , it was great, i bought it for 5 with the intention of making a trailer with the wheels , but the hen house was of much more use to me , i just towed it into whatever field had been harvested , and let them do away ,
How times have changed , in those days when i worked in the country the fields would lye from August  to the end of January  before they were Ploughed , then maybe not sown until march the farmer was quite happy to let me run my hens over the field , nowadays the field is combined one week and sown the next .

Saw a 7.5 tonne lorry body for 200 the other day and that got me thinking, two tier top for storage hay etc bottom for pigs.

Scrap prices have dropped considerably, so there's definitely a chance of picking stuff up at a cheaper price.

A skip would work well till you wanted to move it.

No more of a problem than moving these big heavy arks that I have.

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