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pier fishing yesterday

decided to have the afternoon away from the place yesterday, and went fishing off Mumbles pier.

lovely afternoon, warm, sunny and the water was reasonably calm, tho the tide was going out.
we took a few raggies, some sand eels and squid.
we were hoping to get a few flatties, or poss dogfish.....

well we were there about 2 hours, halfway along the pier, and not a bite, excpt for crabs taking the bait......hhhmmm......changed the rig, and still nothing......then the OH had a walk to the end to see if anything was being caught there.......but not much luck either, but we did decide to go to the end for a change of scenery.....fofl....

up till then i had been using squid, but decided to give worm a go......and blow me, straight away i got a bite.......

a small codling......then another, and sooner had i cast out, the codlings were
on the hook.
they all went back tho, much much too small.

then we noticed small bubbles on the surface of the water, and al commentd to me, what they might be, the next thing we heard a chap just along from us swearing......there was a seal just in front of him watching wonder the fishing was bad.

oh well bettr luck next time......

That takes me back Mogs. When I first got to know you on the internet you and Alan use to go sea fishing quite a bit. Seems like ages ago now.

yeah, used to love it, still do, but didnt have a lot of time over the past year, but we have streamlined things abit here now, so hopefully more fishing coming our way.......

You need to come a bit further along the coast try sker point ,the deeps at ogmore or witches point at southerndown good winter fishing there and if your brave the reef at dunraven bay  

Hi listening to you talking about the mumbles we used to live in Neath so often went night fishing of the pier,to far to go to the coast here.just used to stand there listening to the waves a fish was a added bonus.

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