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This is the place to put pictures of your old horse and to describe what made him or her so special to you.

Oh I wish i could work out how to post photos. If only i wasnt such a numpty when it comes to computery things  Love Lizzie

My old boys.

Hopefully this has worked and shows my old cob Thomas - still going strong at 30 and my arab Dougie who sadly had to be put down.

Hope it works! Love Lizzie

Will try and find some piccies of Blink and Croston (or Stink and Crabby as every one else called them two!)

OK I have cheated twice for this thread
Firstly I took a photo of a photo thats 28 years old (cant get the scanner to work!)
Secondly he wasnt strickly mine but I rode him every week for years.

David (yes strange name for a horse) was the most gentle, steady & forgiving horse I had ever ridden. The reason he was so special was because he gave me the confidence to move on from the "pony trek" to real riding. Knowing how to feel and be at one with a horse rather than just riding on a horse.
I miss that person I was on him........... I hope one day to get that majic back in my life  

This was my favorite horse.......saturday mornings were never the same without him.....

heres my fav horse

me and my fav horse a few years ago ..........


Some wonderful photos coming out here  

Who remembers Mr. Ed?

Better than Trigger and Topper!


Amos wasn't old in this picture, had just turned three.  And this was his under saddle debut, in down town Louisville at the Derby Parade. (I must have been insane!)  
He was our first foal, I kept him for his entire life.  We had a lot of fun together.  We did shows and parades and demos.  I drove him, rode him English and Western, he could take a jump with style.  I miss him still, but was very lucky to have him.

I make no appologies for having put this photo on the forum before. This is our first horse Misty and our favourite daughter Doodle

In at the deep end, we bought Misty on the strength of me having attended a three day shire horse management course. Doodle is our only daughter by the way. This picture was taken by the local paper twenty years ago.
stir crazy

Champion the Wonder Horse - ah yes, i had that book too.

but my first true love had to be Black Beauty - i even have the theme as my phone ring tone

Essexboy - that pony looks like the stuff of nightmares!! Was it a real stuffed tell. Love Lizzie
stir crazy

look what i found

I prefer this one


Nooooooooooooooooo!!!! It had to be...................Folly Foot Farm

Anyone remember this??

Used to be on every day of the holidays when I was a kid..about 9 am, then I'd be off to the stables! Its dubbed of course....!

Blimey Kirbs thats taken me back!! I remember having a huge crush on the dark haired boy (Steve???) in Follyfoot and shouting at Dora for being so wet and sobbing all the time. Must be 35 years ago... Love Lizzie
Richard Bailey

St. George?

"In comes I, be at the wenches and damsels, for I cometh with my weapon in my hand, for to ravage thee!"

"So madam, protect thy virtues, as tis my want to harvest thee all!"

Me on Nelson, eighteen and a bit hands, of docile lovliness, for St. Georges Day in the village of Duns Tew, through to the White Horse Inn, of which I was the landlord at the time.

("Things you see when you haven't got a gun!")

Blimey thats some horse! Mind you I think you could stop a train with that bit. Did you have to be winched on board like Henry V111?. Love Lizzie

Yes, that's definitely a horse and a half!

This was my beautiful old 'White Horse'

I bought him from the bargain basement at a dealing yard, and his breeding was unknown (I.D/Tbred? Welsh cob/Arab?) He had wonderful paces and a ground covering trot and excelled at Endurance becuase he'd got attitude a'plenty, yet was the most genuine and honest horse I've ever come across.


One comes along once in a life time.
Richard Bailey

Six nice legs there Seabird!

XX  :smt103

Sign in my back window says: "Warning - I slow for horses and great legs!"  
Richard Bailey

"Take heed my fellows, wenches a plenty, verily I have captured one!"

Another photo of the St. George day antics on Nelson. Must have had five different people up with me for photographs, in various degrees of mount/dismount clumsiness, Nelson, didn't bat an eyelid.


On the way down to start, we passed along the back lane, at this point I also had a shield, so was riding pretty much knees only. Just as we passed Sharon's back gate, her lovely lurcher suddenly barked right next to us.

Exit stage right Nelson, at warp factor seven, into the wheat field (thankfully no fence at that point) with metal clad idiot with hands full , helmet visor slammed shut,still attached (remotely), atop! Once we dropped to sub-light speed at Nelson's discretion of course, I decided to hand over the shield to someone else and get at least a loose association with a rein.

Reset dignity meter, turn helmet around the right way, give said lurcher a good bollocking, continue.... at least ony a couple of people saw that part!

Click to see full size image


Would love to have seen that! One of the downsides of associating with horses is the frequent loss of dignity.
Telstar would never have put up with all the clothing Nelson was wearing. I rode up to the secretary's tent at a cross country event once and someone passed me my number bib before I'd dismounted....we did a demolition job on the Pony club tent and sent its occupants running for cover    

oh richard PMSL!!!!!! you have cheered up a dreary sunday.thankyou!!!!!
Richard Bailey

You are most welcome Mandie darling, I do quite often get myself into embarrassing positions, but if you are proactively "doing stuff" gaffs will happen!
Better than being bored or boring?

PS: What does PMSL stand for?
Oh Hang on.... just worked it out!!!!  

It's taken me ages but I've just worked it out too  

which brings me to the question - did you utter Eric Idle's immortal lines from Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

'I've soiled my armour now!!'

green man

Richard Bailey

Certainly not Madam!
I hold Her Majesty's Royal Commission and Officers and Gentlemen would never do such a thing!

Outraged Commanding Officer of RAF Milcombe.

PS: Actually it was authentic armour and kit from an old mate who teaches jousting and puts on big shows, etc.

The plates are then fitted with leather ties and straps which, apart from being bdooly uncomfortable, cut off the blood supply to your legs, and other bits & pieces. It hadn't dawned on me until the big dismount much later, that with the armour AND chain mail I weighed a lot more than usual, coupled with totally numb/dead legs, the dignity meter took another wallop as I landed in a crumbled heap on the floor and couldn't get up! Even Nelson looked round with a raised eyebrow!

:whax:  072.gif  :whdat:

This is Ellie.She is a Welsh Cob and like all other horses the fastest way of turning money into manure,but well loved and well ridden.

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