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Under Duress

Pictures of goats

Here are some pictures of the herd of wild goats I saw while out walking this afternoon.

A goat.

Some goats with a little goat.

A goat's arse.

It's looking at me.

More goat arse.

The billy goats in the distance.

And finally, a landscape shot (no goats included)

A good arseternoon's ramble!

What part of the country have you captured in such an amazing photo? (The last one )

These wild goats are quite elusive creatures who have haunted the hills and cliff tops around this place for generations. At one time, there were well over a hundred of them but culls have reduced their numbers quite drastically. Its one of a number of locations in North wales that support a population. of wild goats. The Great Orme in Llandudno is one other location that comes to mind.

Thank you Bodger! You folks have an amazing coastline in Wales...whether it is North, Mid or South! Sooooo much more different than ours here in Oregon!

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