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Pics of the bus/campervan conversion!

As promised here are some pics of the bus. There will be more to follow!

The old school mini bus, rescued by us from the scrap yard, we've been converting it over the last couple of years. It's getting close but still got odds and ends to do!

Here is the foam (expensive!) that I made the seat covers to fit over the first part of the holidays.

Please excuse the dodgy seat covers made out of old duvet covers!

Seats are now covered with a couple of throws, looks a bit better!

The other seat (the ends of the benches how have ends on them)

The sink and cooker were taken out of the old horse lorry.

The box the TV was stood on is for the loo! Worked very well, there's another box the other side that has the batteries in it.

Ready for a drink!

Kitchen prep area (the campsite is a farm with fabulous loos and showers, has leccy hook up and is cheap, very quiet too, we just put up with the building yard look!)

The duvet is held up out the way with bungies!

Memory foam topper is the otherside! (ignore Mr Dingbats face pulling :p )



Looks great!  


That looks great and you seem to have got so much inside it   so well done. Who cares what the view is as long as you don't have to do the work  

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