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Pickled eggs recipe


Anyone got a good easy recipe for pickling eggs?

Easy peasy. OH loves them and we always have a jar in the cupboard. Just hardboil and shell your eggs, pack into kilner jar or similar and fill to top with a 75% white vinager and 25% water mix. OH goes a bit mad every now and then and adds peppercorns or cardamoms and cumin seeds. Keep your mits off them for at least 2 weeks then enjoy!! And suffer the consequences afterwards  Love Lizzie

yep, we do the the same although simon likes a couple of chillis added to the vinegar

Gas Masks optional!!!!

Lois & I did a jar of Pickled Bantam eggs in Home-made fruit vinegar  .... .... .... they were bdooly gorgrous!

Here is a link to the Pickled egg thread from a few months ago; I hope that it inspires you:

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