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Picked the first of the greengages....

they really are so very delicious.  Hope to try and get some more before teh wasps do, but there was a very active nest in the grass right by which I managed to get killed off a week ago.  I might be in with a bit of a chance  

I only planted mine this year, looking forward to when it produces!

They are reputed to take ages but mine bore fruit the year after planting and has cropped nicely each year since, apart from the rubbish year last year  

It's grown in well enough, I have a couple of digits crossed for next year

Bet they tasted great, first ones always do  

All I can say is *YUMMMM*

(.....well that and I miss me 'ol trees from our last place...this is our first year without, in a *very* long time.....)

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