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Pick a Christmas Fair.

Here's a list of Christmas fairs that are coming up across the UK and Europe.

Please let us know if you got to any and how you get on.

It'll soon be Christmas.    

Not's a real let down.

Thats one off the list.

As an X Brummie...feel I should say thats the one...been many a time...but got to be honest not a patch on the real have to consider their cost to travel over here, cost to set up (market rents, hotels B&B'S ect...

In all honesty, it may cost you an airfare or Ferry....but the real thing is Oh so much better.................and you get a weekend break....

MHO....only.....your decission....enjoy......

I hope that the link is proving to be useful, it certainly has been for us. We've decided that one of the events that we are definately going to be going to go to is this one.

We'll travel down on the Saturday and stay in the town that night, before going home on the Sunday. Karen and I both love the town of Ludlow.
Its a long shot and I know that we're scattered all over the place but if anyone fancies a meet up and a slightly boozey night, then let us know.

That sounds like a good night you are planning. We have put the date in our diary and could meet up if it pans out for people  

We couldn't get accomodation in the town of Ludlow itself because most places had been booked up for months. Instead, on the Saturday night we're booked to stay in a pub in Craven Arms. Its not too far away from Ludlow and will actually see us a few miles closer to home on the Sunday.

We are only an hour away to both. If people are meeting up count us in  
mrs tiggywinkle

Ior and I are hoping to go to the Manchester Christmas market..obviously nearer Christmas even though it starts in November.
  Will combine the trip with seeing family!!

Our local one is the 2nd Dec   and always sees a good turnout of punters and stalls   although we're hearing more and more grumbles about the quality and offerings on so called Xmas/craft markets. The Lincoln one id huge  and over the next weekend    same grumbles occur and folk moan it's a licence to print money    Food stalls always seem to thrive tho
Friends of ours are taking a stall there this year with all manner of wool products from their Longwool sheep...she's a hugely creative girl and i'm sure they'll do well

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