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Piccies of my current Great Dane - Phoebe

Hi Debs - some piccies of my current Great Dane

I usually only have one or two at a time, normally getting a puppy when the older one reaches about 9 or 10, though I have been keeping them since the 60's.  

My current girl - Phoebe is a real sweetie and lovely character. I don't manage to get many good piccies of her as she is either right by me or dashing towards me     But this is one, which should be captioned
"If I keep really quiet and still Mum won't say - "Off the settee" - though I must admit we share it most evenings, especially if its a bit chilly

The second one is of her as a puppy about 4 months old 

She looks really funny in the last one with the stick.  She was only 5 months old then, and if you look you can see the bottom bit of her legs haven't begun to grow especially the front ones  

She is a beaut, they are wonderful dogs  

beautiful DBE.  No other dog in the world for me - my parents had them when I was growing up and when I left home and got married all I wanted was my own great dane!  Been keeping them for over 20 years now and brodie is out 4th - I'll try and put some pictures up of her later.  Love the picture of her at five months old. Don't you just love em as puppies - so out of proportion...Brodies ears are still too big and so are her paws - she could also do with an extra inch or so in height as she is so heavy boned..still she is only 15 month old so plenty of time to grow yet

Beautiful dog!

Love to see Brodies piccies.  

I find they aren't really grown up either physically or mentally till about 3, then they blossom into their adulthood.  

Phoebe has just come into season this morning, but she is too old to breed from - six and a half now.  Everytime I say I shall breed from this one, but I never do  

She's lovely  

What a gorgeous girl!  

What a beautiful looking girl with a lovely shiny coat

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