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The other day I discovered a photo of mine being used on another poultry website to advertised their birds, after several emails asking for the photo to be removed it was.

It was then suggested I add a line to my website stating my permission would be required before using any of the photos.

I've now received an email from an educational publishing company in the Netherlands asking for my permission for a photo to be used. Do I just say yes or do I charge a fee ( if so how much ) ?

If it's a one-off, and a real company, I'd ask for a named photo credit and a complimentary copy (or two).
Tell them that if they go to a second (or subsequent) edition, further permission must be sought.
If they, are a photo agency, then it's a different matter, ask for cash and remind them that the copyright stays with you.
If it becomes a regular thing, start charging.

I agree. (Congratulations! I think that is an honour as well )

At least they had the decency to contact you.

I've emailed them asking for accreditation and possibly a copy of the book.To be honest as long as the photos aren't used by other poultry sellers claiming the birds as theirs I really don't mind. I must admit I'm surprised and quite chuffed they think the photos are good enough ...I really do just point and shoot with a small inexpensive camera.

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