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photos of my garden pools

Most of this was done 15 years ago, and as soon as it was finished my Great Dane puppy fell in and ripped the liner getting out.  I managed with it as best I could, but bought a new liner and the builder has done an excellent job.  However his "mate" kept jumping in on the liner, and wouldn't be told.  Guess what!!!!

Never mind perhaps I'll have a go in another 15 years.  

Looks great, the next job, I'm doing in the spring is to dig some small ponds.

God help my dogs, if they jump in and split the liner.

That looks so good would love to do same, tell builder to fix it

Is that spring-fed or do you have to pump the water back up to the top?
I would be devastated if the liner was ripped by the dogs but all 4 of ours are wimps and don't like water

It is fairly "springy" round here, and there is an old spring fed pool much higher up the bank.

These are not naturally fed, but around 20 odd years ago I had all the rainwater downspouts connected up to a big perforated drainage pipe, which "technically" feeds into the top of the "waterfall"  I then planted a windbreak hedge along the same trench, so I suspect that the pipe is now full of roots, though it does run to a certain extent.  I must own up to not standing out in the rain much to admire it  

And there is a similar set up for some of the guttering from the stableyard/barn area, in this instance a very large pot hole has formed, and I suspect it has damaged the pipe.

I never wanted a "gushing" type water fall, just a pleasing trickling drip, which is does often supply  

Anyway enough goes in to keep it reasonable unless there is very little rainfall.  

The top spring fed pond this year almost completely dried out - the ducks could just about walk and splash in a little trench they made.  If the weather is wet it is around 3-4 ft deep!  And at present it is around 1/8th full in a saucer shape.

My builder (who spends the winter in  Cuba - am I paying him too much    ) has just gone back at the beginning of December, but will come back around April, so if all winter the pools have been low I will see if I can get them concreted over before they fill with gunk again.

Anybody have good ideas for waterproofing the concrete etc.

you can get a concrete primer/sealer that is suitable for use on a pond  buy a gallon and just paint on
or you could look for an alternative here is a link

Interesting link - thanks I will read through it slowly and use it as a point of research.  I certainly made plenty of mistakes first time round, and there are a lot of plants I shan't be replanting.

Any thoughts on good oxygenators that don't completely overtake everything

When it was running well I had some lovely koi, though they bred so incredibly well that they overstocked the pond.  I should have drained it and removed most of the smaller ones.  I have never done well with waterlilies even after I lost the koi.  I had them in washing baskets but next time I shall try them in clay on the bottom

Any hints from successful pond owners gratefully accepted.

Never had a pond so no advice, but what a lovely garden!

waterlilies love clay plant them in the wash basket or similar as you fill the container line it with grass cuttings to stop the clay/soil falling out
Unfortunatly if the pond is well balanced any thing will reproduce and grow i would rather spend an hour pulling out the exess growth than have blanket weed or green water  

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