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Rick & Carol

photo submission

I think I read somewhere that I can only submit pics via another site rather than off my files on the PC. Certainly I don't seem to be able to upload anything at the moment. Never having used facepants, twizzle, U tuber (see I'm so out of it I think I even got the names wrong) or any other site where I'd upload pics I'm a tad stuck - Advice please you moderators

I'm useless at techi stuff, but I hope that this might be of some use.

The most important thing to remember is to reduce the size of the original photo. Most forum boards and social networking sites will not allow you to upload photos of a file size greater than 640 X 480 pixels.

The easiest way to re-size your photos is to do it in Microsoft picture manager when you first up load the photos from your camera or card.

Just click on any photo in your files on your PC/laptop and on the top bar you will see "Open" click on this and scroll down to "Microsoft picture manager click on this and an edit bar will open. click on edit pictures, click on re-size. click on predetermined sizes and a drop down will open, click on 640 X 480. click OK, close the picture using the X in the top right corner and when prompted click on save ....job done

Hi rick and Carol,if the photo is a submisssion for the calender,dont bother resizing it just send it straight to my e-mail address as the original's are what the calender requires and not resized ...i'll PM it to you

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