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Photo's of Grace from this weekend

As Bodger and Kaz are on holiday I was dragged home for the bank holiday weekend to help animal sit! As we had a bit of nice weather I decided it was time Grace had a little photo shoot!!

Think this is my favourite photo

Then she decided she didn't want to sit and wait!

Not overly amused that I made her sit on the wall!

Having a run around the garden

Bringing me teddy!

And looking cute

And finally, worn out, she was caught having a sneaky nap in the conservatory!


Lovely, lovely photos - thanks for sharing.  

Thank you she is always looking cute, what a great girl she is.

Lovely photo's  

Think my favourite is the one with her mouth open  

Dragged back you cheeky devil?  Grace is yours and so is the old nag in the fields.


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