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photo fest

apologies if you dont like dogs, more apologies if you dont like spaniels, and humblest apologies if you dont like lots of photos.

now she has been with us a while ive taken a couple of better head shots of Fusey...
she likes to jump walls

yep all that tongue fits in her wee gob

as we are past the risk of sprockers, her and Beren had a five minute mooch after training, which was really a chance for me to sit them and snap some rubbish..

posing spaniels

you can see how small she is next to Beren the cocker
Grandma Bodger

What lovely faces I think they like posing  
Dave C

With looks like that i think i would be taking loads of photos too


Love dogs........ adore Spaniels.......... and don't mind photos (especially when they are that good)  

Gorgeous dogs, I love spaniels  

Lovely photo's  

Who could NOT like looking at photographs??Not me thats for sure!! And especially when they are such fine looking subjects Barraboy

Thank you very much we just love dogs of all sorts and they are tops can see why you like having them    

If people didn't like dogs they wouldn't be looking in the dog section

Lovely photos - it's great to see the energy that dogs have, they always bring a smile to your face

Great pics, and I think Grandma Bodger is right, they do love posing!

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