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Photo Competition.

We haven't had one of these for a while and because I've come by a brand new copy of the RSPB 'Bird Feeder' book, I thought that it was time that we had a forum photo competition.
Because of the book that's going to be the prize, I thought that we'd stick with the theme and make it a competition for pictures of birds taken in your garden.
So there you have it.  An OTG photo competition.

Hows the comp going to Work.

Where are pics to be posted.

Do OTG members vote, or are there judges

I used to take a lot of photos but I've got out of the habit in recent years. My camera is sat here on the desk to remind me to take it out but I still keep forgetting it. Must try harder.

On this thread Paul.
I've just got off the phone with David Bailey but he says that he's away for the week of judging. I thought that we'd announce the winner a month today. We'll come up with an idea for judging in a bit.  
mrs tiggywinkle


ok just a few to start the competition off with. Not particularly good (I shake even with anti shake!!!!)    All taken through the lounge window, we only get your average garden birds!!

Spoonbill in the dam

That's a belter.

Wild turkeys, in the front garden.


Mini moss forest, spotted on a churchyard wall whilst out for a walk this afternoon.
Yorkshire Geordie

I like the spoonbill and I think the wild turkeys are lucky to have survived Christmas!

I haven't taken this shot but it has been a visitor to a pal's garden that must have been a tad hungry.  


Rufous night heron, a pretty bird, but has been spending his nights eating my goldfish.

A male brush turkey, this one has built two mounds around the place.

Purple Finch
Grandma Bodger

never seen a purple finch must look it up

Grandma Bodger wrote:
never seen a purple finch must look it up

North American bird

Its similar but a little heavier perhaps than our Redpoll.

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