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Phew! Whats that you've got brewing ?

Something more than a nice cup of tea. This seems like a good idea but its definately a case of NIMBY. What a pong !
You only get a poo with Ty- Phoo ?

Thinking about it   this is hardly a new idea, Mc Ronalds have been recycling s*** for years.

The cattle sheds on the farm used to smell a lot ripe when cleaned out at the end of the winter when I was a kid.

Later on, used to live down wind of a turkey farm that used to warn the village when he was going to clean out the turkey sheds after Christmas. That stank too but where else would he put the stuff but on his farm?

Apparently lion poo is an "interesting" smell but very good for the garden if you live near a zoo. And I know of one sewage works in more northern parts of the country that sells off it's dried and treated solids for garden fertiliser - stinks, upsets the neighbours, works wonders on clay and rhododendrons love it.

Pigeon sh!t is a bit eye watering but if you know someone who races pigeons well it's grand stuff on the compost heap to get it rotting down.

So the tea producers are no more of a stink producer than many other farms and gardens locally really.

When it comes to poop, I think that chicken poo has got to have the least pleasant pong to it .    Rotting animal parts must surely have it beaten though.
I wont ask if I'm strange, because I obviously am, but mm I alone in actually liking the smell of cow plop? Maybe in some strange way I associate its odour with the thoughts of good times spent on the farms of my youth.

same here bodger

never found anything offensive about the smell of manure, cattle or pigs but horse manure is not quite as nice

Could that possibly be the reason my Wife and Daughter won't get in my motor ?.
Something to do with th 40-50 bags of horse manure I transport every year !!!...    

My first husband was a herdsman and he used to say that the smell of the cowsh*t in the parlour in the morning made him feel hungry!!! - he was a tad strange though...Love Lizzie

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