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Peugeot 206 - clunking noise from behind dash board

Took my mum and all our dogs out in the car on Saturday.
On the way back to her place, a clunking noise developed, eminating (so it seemed) from behind the dash board on the passenger side.

Got round to checking it out today.

1 hour later...dash board out, everything checked and reassembled.
Clunking still present.

1/2 hour later... all cables, pipes and wires under the bonnet checked and secured.
Clunking still present.

1/2 hour... later passenger door trim removed, locks, hinges speakers, and motors checked.
Clunking still present.

1 hour later... suspension, steering, transmission checked.
Clunking still present.

1 hour later... dash board back out, everything double checked.
Clunking still present.

1 hour later... every atom of dirt or debris, dropped coin, year old sweet, dog biscuit, dog hair and old fag packet removed from car interior.
Clunking still present.

1/2 hour later...passenger seat removed.
Clunking still *&%!'ing present!

Losing will to live...went for a gallon of tea and several cigarettes.

Steeled myself for another bash at finding the source of the clunking, then returned to the car.

Passenger sun visor clipped back into hinge correctly.
Clunking GONE!      

Mothers eh, who'd have 'em.
I'll chop her fingers off!


    been there done that bad not that far yet  

when i used to run a garage some years ago we had a woman come in complaining of a buzzing noise coming from the boot, anyway we emptied the boot of luggage and the noise was emanating from a bag at the bottom upon opening said bag what did we find but a VIBRATOR.
As you can imagine the owner was a bit embarassed to say the least       [/u]

Dwain's dad was having trouble with the electrical system in his pickup.  The battery would not stay charged.  He swapped out the original for a new one.  The new battery didn't last long before it was flat.  He had the man in town put in a new alternator.  That didn't fix it.

Finally, he called me and asked who it was that I had told him was a good auto electrics guy.  I told him again and he took the truck in.

The fellow fixed it in about three hours.  And charged him for three hours.  Father in law was upset, as what was wrong with it was a map in the glove box that had jammed in the lock and caused the light in the glove box to stay on.  

I told him he was lucky he didn't take it to the dealership for that crew to look over.  They would have rewired the whole truck and it still would not have been fixed.


    so very true

I'd stopped for fuel at a supermarket - paid - hpped back in - car WOULD NOT start. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING not even lights on the dash.
I was duly pushed out of the way, and phoned the AA.
AA man checked car over, couldn't find anything. We both stood there, puzzled.
He then opened the boot and....
I'd got a roll of chicken wire in the boot which had rolled towards the doorcatch and a sliver of wire had got itself across some immobiliser thingy on the locking system! Aren't modern cars too smart for their own good!

Yep thats why I drive  older ones because new ones smarter than me   so they think    

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