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pet pictures

This is my other dog..... Princess Shorty Shrew........

lovely little dog!

No offense meant but the saluki is more my type of dog :-)
Is she a pomeranian? - my friend had one and it was like a cuddly pillow - she could do anything with it but I had always imagined them to be snappy little monsters :-?

shortie shrew

Shortie is a pom i believe, a teacup size one, weighs only just 2lbs. She was a stray who i instantly said i would have, that was about 5 years ago. Shes my constant companion and loves to go shopping, she sits in the trolley facing forward viewing her public. I tell the grannies when they croon over her that they are on special offer in the other part of the store! :: She has the attitude of a really fierce guard dog, and wont stop at anything to protect me, shes very brave.

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