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pet pictures

Here is my Saluki........

I am of course completely obsessed by her and will without doubt post more pictures of her! I hope you think she is pretty[/img]

does she hunt at all? sorry i mean catch the odd rabbit by accident?

Lovely dog Beepur - we have always had lurchers and running dogs but a pure bred saluki is something that we have never had the pleasure of owning.
How scatty are they? :-)

She has gorgeous markings - are they the norm?

Salukis come in all colours from solid through to tri coloured. The black and tan ones have always been a favourite but solid white or cream is also very attractive.


Hi all, many thanks fo ryour kind comments, I shall put some more pictures up for you if you like. Been working late due to the harvest, not that thats much to shout about this year!

Salukis arent really scatty :smt103 they are just free spirits!! Mine is only just a year old but she has been doing quite well at the shows, there arent many salukis being shown, not like when i showed before. I believe there were only 84 pure bred pups registered with the kennel club in 2006 so thats not many. This looks like a very interesting forum, i shall have to spend some more time here after the harvest .

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