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Pet Insurance

The cost of this is sometimes prohibitive especially when you have more than one pet but Animal friends insurance is really quite affordable.  Darcy, a rising 9 great dane is 19 per month fully comp including death benefit of his purchase price, 3rd party Liability up to (I think) 1,000,000 and fully comp vet fees - the excess is big in that its 100 of the claim then they will settle 80% of the rest of the bill - but thats a lot better than having to find 100% of it yourself.  there is no limited on number of claims or amount per illness and as I said there is no age restrictions.  They will also insure by 16.3 IDxTB rising 24 year old mare - again fully comp but with an excess for 14 per month!!

Wish I could get the same sort of insurance for the pigs!!!!!!!

Oh, they also donate a substantial amount of their premiums to SMALL animal charities - i.e. not biggies like the RSPCA but to the little guys like North devon Animal Ambulance and small rescue centres.

Just thought I'd mention it as people like pet plan won't touch Darcy at his age and even when he was younger  - the last quote I had from them was 5 year ago - it was 54 per month and they would only insure him for "accidental damage" after the age of 7 but the premiums alone made it prohibitive and that was down here - dread to think what it would have been for a london post code.

My friend has her horse insured with the NFU at a reasonable rate - he is a competition horse

I've had to give up my insurance policies on Jessie aged 10 and Molly aged 7.  The premiums were approaching 40 a month each and Jessies was set to rise over the 50 mark.  I've kept Murphy's on as he's only 4 and his is only 22 a month as yet.  

With Jessie's recent mishap with her eye, I have only paid out what I would have paid out including the monthly premiums had she done it whilst still insured, it could even be a bit less.  With her being nearly 11 the excess was 70 plus 20% of the rest of the charges so it was getting daft.

This was with More Than by the way, and although the charges were getting silly, I can only say they've been really good as insurers and have never given me any trouble over a vets bill all the time I've been with them.

That sounds like a really good deal Debbie

I've never heard of the company and thought that it might just be local to you so I googled it and here is their link;gclid=CNXp-qGw1a0CFUhrfAodU0zAnA

We have never insured our pets as we have always had multiples of dogs ( we are down to our lowest number for the last 30 years with just 4 dogs atm )

Doodle insures her young horse (I daren't ask what the premium is ) but our 3 older horses are not insured any more.

We have Oz insured with them, and has been since about the second week we had him.

Because of the amount of dogs I keep, I don't insure them. But I have always put a small amount by each month, it has always (or so far anyway) covered my vets bills. As long as they all don't get something major at the same time, I am ok!!

Conundrum thats same as us same reason.

trouble with having a great dane is that you walk through the door and before the dog can even sneeze they say thank you very much that will be 80 please and god forbid he needs antibiotics.

I've never bothered with insurance for the small animals, but have always insured my horses for vet bills. I've never had to make a big claim in all those years though, but isn't it sod's law that a colic operation or something mega would happen if I stopped? I can't find anyone who'll do a reduced premium for just vet bills for an unridden horse though - I have to take the package that includes all the competing.
I'm with NFU but will ask this co. for a quote when the renewal is due. Thanks Debbie  

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