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Pet Insurance

I found this post from someone off a money saving forum quite interesting this :-

"My dog had a cruciate ligament snap in his right leg 6 weeks later the same happened to his left leg . they would only pay for one leg so they said it was the same condition even though it was on a seprate leg. SO YOU HAVE A DOG WITH FOUR LEGS BUT IT IS ONLY INSURED FOR THAT ONE CONDITON FOR 1 LEG ONLY. YES TESCO ARE CHEAP BUT BEWARE THAT OLD SAYING YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. STAY WELL AWAY. ANY ONE HAD THE SAME PLEASE LET ME KNOW. ITS IN HANDS OF OUR SOLICITOR"

Sounds about right  :xshock: .

absolutely!! tesco at their 'best' again eh!?

More than and petplan equine are my companies, both equine and small animals vets spoke very highly of these companies.. said a lot to me Especially as they weren't advertising them! lol

Healthy pets if you have a few is useful to investigate for price.

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