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Pest Control

Common Knowledge that's what I do for a living, so any advice or help, please feel free to ask  

Ratman. I have planted out my beans in the greenhouse and I think we have mice taking them. Can you suggest what sort of poison to use to control them ?

I've heard soaking the seeds in paraffin makes them unpalatable to little furry thieves.

Indeed, however lets look at the possibility of sorting the problem without the need for poison. I presume you are planting beans in individual pots so is there any way these can be covered to deny the mice access ??
Sometimes the answer can be as simple as that. Also the likelihood is that it is not a large number of mice causing the problem, so half a dozen well set break back traps could be a solution. A little tip though, don't go down the cheese bait line, opt for a small piece of chocolate or a bird table peanut. However if the poison option is the only way then you have to make a selection based on the situation. Firstly the treatment, though in a greenhouse is still classed as outdoors. The two recognised poisons for this treatment are difenacoum and bromadiolone, both which are approved for outdoor use. I would recommend you purchase a ready made bait station containing either of these ingredients in a wax block formulation. The mice will enter the box and feed from the anti coagulant. There are a number of ready made bait stations available from garden centres with transparent lids that allow the bait to be monitored. Always follow the instructions on the label and re-bait as necessary.
Like I say though, try to solve the problem without the use of poison if you can. Feel free to pm me for more advice if you need it.

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