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pest control

ok im thinking of maybe seeing if i can start up pest control  asking jobcentre if they would put me through the courses i will need to be able to do this. only trouble is what courses would i need to do training? i know i need poisons ticket but can i ask you very knowledgeable lot for advice  on what courses and any helpful info you think i will need to research on i got 10 days before i ask the job centre so need to work out what i need to start up. im not looking for any conflict just wanting some help please guys is it wise getting into something i know not alot about? cheers in advance matty.

Look at the BPCA website - that'd be a good source of info for you  

Things may have very well have changed since I took my RSH ( Royal Society of Health) certificate in Pest conrol. This was around 15 years ago but at that time, this was the qualification that the local councils sent their operatives to obtain. If I remember correctly, it was a ten day course spread out over as many weeks.

thanks guys. well i just got myself a little job  non earning but  its a good place to start for references untill i get my self sorted. about 5-7 foxes and rats as big as cats to be shot so am borrowing  brothers shotgun and going to take a look sometime soon. any advise on what shot i should use on fox? any good  fox callers about?

To be honest mate, a shotty wouldn't be the chosen tool of a pesty for either the foxes or the rats. You need to get in touch with your local council pest control department and ask them for any information that they might have for recognised pest control courses.
Obviously you need to have a shotgun licence and just as importantly for your own and your customers security, you need to have insurance in place.

A lot are thinking of starting up in Pest Control these days, and alot fail.

If you are really interested in going into pest control i suggest you work for a large national company, they will train you  up and get you on the relevant training courses .

Pest control is not all about shooting ( what a great number of hunters/shooters think )

matt the rat

As Bry says, you are always better off working for a company first.

Workng for a company will get you qualified, and most importantly of all, give you experience of how the industry works, as well as the pests themselves.

The basic entry level qualification these days is the RSPH certificate in pest control.  That took over from the old RSH and the BPCA diploma part one.  There are lots of providers of training for the exam including a one week intensive course held at Warwick University.

Getting the piece of paper to say that you have a basic knowledge of the theory of pest control is one thing; getting some relevant experience and further qualifications is quite another.

Every year sees more and more people having a go in the industry.  Some do well, but most fail, mainly because the people who go into it have no idea how the business works, or how to price the work, but mostly because there is only a limited amount of work available.

One thing is certain; if you think that pest control is an easy way to earn a good living then you would be wrong on both counts.

Have a look at the jobs available on the BPCA website and the Pest Control Portal - that is by far the best way to start out in pest control.

Hope you have a shot gun liscense before you go borrowing your brothers gun  and of course he will be going with you wont he else yet again i believe you will both be breaking the law. as someone else said not really the best thing for the job either.

It is possible to set up in pest control, however it is not a quick overnight thing speak to someone like killgerm they run course and will be able to give you advice.  You would find that if you cant get a job with a large company you may be wise to look at some form of agricultural labour as this would start to get you in with the farmers who will need pest control services
matt the rat

Killgerm Chemicals are just one supplier of training for the RSPH.  You could also try the BPCA (who also offer on-line training), SX Environmental and Barrettine.

I would never advise going to a supplier for training.  They've got a vested interest in getting as many new startups as possible - you then buy all the application equipment and a load of other stuff that you won't need.

There will be lots of businesses failing this year due to the lack of wasps.  

A good employer will train you up and put you through the exams, and all the time you are working for them you will be getting experience.  If you are really set on going it alone, then use the time that you are working for another company to get training on running a business.

I cannot make this clearer: if you want to succeed, then work for someone else first.

I got shot gun licence and no he won't be coming with me right away due to his work but I won't be in trouble with the law as couple reasons his guns are on my licence plus. im allowed to borrow a shotgun for up to 72 hrs without putting them on my licence I am insured also plus have sgs and rso certifications   so am able to operate in q safe manor i will be using terrier on rats and will be surveying the land. to secure safe leagle shots only. I been wanting to get into.  pest control for few yrs being put off by poisons I never though past it the income I personally get is Nowt I have no money what so ever only money we as a family get is from my OH working 15 hrs  I have filled out 3 forms for jcp so its in process of being changed I have tried for q couple pest control jobs with national companies but no success so if i can make money by starting  up something small I would love the chance of an income. It's just an idea of what I would like to do not a  complete mission objective.
matt the rat

Matty, I don't want to pee on your bonfire here, but you need to consider insurance.

Your insurance for shooting through the organisations like the SGA/NGO/BASC etc, etc, is for recreational purposes only.

In other words, as soon as you do anything for reward (not even money) then the insurance becomes invalid.

To get public liability insurance for a pest control business most insurers will require proof that you know what you are doing - in other words, qualifications.

The jobcentre may be able to help with funding, but you will still have no experience of pests, or how the industry works.

Keep on applying for jobs - get someone who knows what they are looking at to check any applications you send off.

When I used to employ lots of technicians I would have lots of applications 'on file'.  Don't expect an immeadiate responce to any jobs you apply for - they may just keep you on file until a vacancy comes up in that area.

A neat handwritten letter (obviously with correct spelling and grammar) and a proper type written CV is what I was always after.  Keep sending them off and follow them up with a phone call if necessary.

In case you haven't heard of them, here a a few companies to write to:

Cannon Pest Control
Green Compliance
Check Services
Local Authorities (Wilts, Swindon, VWH, Test Valley)

Fair comment Thankyou  I will. Look into writing to them companies I recently had interview with mitie  . I know nothing about this area of work so thought is look into doing it. I like doing it now wo thought I may aswell try something along them lines. I know its hard and was looking into whatever ever help I can get from jcp to do something I may enjoy. Cheers everyone will look more indepth 1st.

Hi Matt.
Do I need a licence to sell rat bait to local farmers around me?

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